Alec MacGillivray: ‘Day Jam’ Single Review

New England’s own Alec MacGillivray has done it again! Following the release of infectious songs like ‘Tom Petty’ and ‘Bad Day To Be A Bud Light,’ the Massachusetts native has released a new single that needs to be added to your playlists ASAP.

‘Day Jam,’ written by MacGillivray and Casey Derhak (another rising talent with New England roots), features strong guitar riffs and playful lyrics that’ll catch you by the ears and rope you in on the first listen. There are songs for different times and places whether it’s something you need to power through that workout, a song to get your through a tough breakup, or a song to just get the party started. And that is exactly what ‘Day Jam’ is all about!

The song is full of great imagery that brings you to a great summer party- maybe a tad more for the college generation with the ‘kiddie pool full of blue cans,’ but hey we were all there at one point, right? But overall, ‘Day Jam’ is a fun single that can be listened to in the car, while working in the house, at the beach, or especially at a party because this song is a JAM! Heck, this song about a day jam could just be your ‘Day Jam.’

Favorite Lyrics: When I’m with my girl, she likes to hear something, so Marley and the Wailers, when I’m flying high, I like my bass straight kickin’ on a Friday night…

We all need a song that makes us lose control, and that’s my day jam, when we start drinking in the AM. Kiddie pool full of blue cans, flip flops and Ray Bans working on her suntan…

You can follow Alec on Facebook, Twitter, and his official website. You can also purchase ‘Day Jam’ on iTunes here or give it a listen on Spotify below.