Alec MacGillivray: ‘Bad Day To Be A Bud Light’ Single Review

It’s time to roll down the windows and turn up the speakers. While some of your favorite nationally touring acts are releasing new music, Westwood’s own Alec MacGillivray will release what could be the soundtrack of the summer on this Friday, June 24th. The single, titled ‘Bad Day To Be A Bud Light,’ is a song that should be a staple on your summer 2016 playlists with an upbeat party theme that will have you singing along after first listen.

MacGillivray wrote the track with his good friend, Casey Derhak, and together they describe different things that you would generally associate with summer time. Sunshine, tan lines, the beach and what summer BBQ doesn’t have plastic cups and cold Bud Lights!? We particularly love the different ways that MacGillivray and Derhak describe the actions many do to a Bud Light: kill ’em, crush ’em, chug ’em, love ’em… The song features a beat that will captivate you from the first notes and the chorus is ridiculously infectious.

When it all comes down to it, ‘Bad Day To Be A Bud Light’ is just a fun song perfect for beach days, parties, barbecues, or when you’re just rolling down the highway. And for Alec, who moved to Music City to chase his dreams, it may be the song that helps him break through and gives him the recognition and attention that his skill set warrants. So roll down your windows and crank Alec MacGillivray’s new song, “Bad Day To Be A Bud Light’ – you won’t be disappointed!

Give a listen to the song below!

Favorite Lyrics: It’s a good day to be sunshine, a good day to be tan lines, yeah it’s good to be the music up, a good day to be a plastic cup. Well it’s a great day for a good time but it’s a bad day to be a Bud Light…


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