Abby Anderson: ‘Make Him Wait’ Single Review

Dallas Native, Abby Anderson, teased us with her YouTube release of the acoustic recording of ‘Make Him Wait’ about a month ago however, her debut single was officially released on Friday, April 27th. Abby co-wrote this powerful song with Tom Douglas and Josh Kerr and sends a strong message to all of her fellow females earning herself a spot on a few 2018 Artists to Watch lists as well as being named one of CMT’s Next Women of Country.

If you remember Brad Paisley’s ‘Waitin’ on a Woman’ back in 2005, Abby’s new single ‘Make Him Wait’ conveys a very similar message that hits home.  Listen here to know what we are talking about!

While this song is directed towards her female fans, it’s easy to connect to. The lyrics are familiar, they sound almost identical to what we were told growing up, the values that were instilled in you, you can’t get it back when you give yourself away… a boy’s gonna run but a real man’s gonna stay… make him wait. ‘Make Him Wait’ is a love story. From waiting for the first phone call, to planning the first date. From meeting Dad, to the debating on whether or not a sleepover is the right decision.  Abby knows it can be difficult to wait, it’s easier to stay the night but reminds us to take a deep breath and do the opposite of what you wanna do, make him wait.

13 years ago, Brad knew what what he was talking about when he sang it was worth it, waitin’ on a woman.  Abby is right on track with instilling the same message.  This love story gets its own happily ever after with a walk down the aisle.  Listeners can hear the clear message that love is worth the wait.

While we don’t necessarily want to wait to hear more of Abby Anderson, we are excited that she will be coming to Boston on June 2 with Russell Dickerson at the Paradise Rock Club.

Favorite Lyrics: When they’re throwing rice into the air and those tin cans roll away and you look into his eyes and realize it was worth the while to make him wait…