10 of the Best Deep Tracks From Eric Church

In a world full of cheap lyrics and manufactured radio stars, it can be hard to recognize when a genuine song or artist sneaks into the top ten, but they say there is an exception to every rule, enter, Eric Church. Church has had the ability to put out songs that hold strong on the charts, seven of them that have gone up to number one, and never sacrificed his unique style and sound that has earned himself one of the most loyal fan bases in all of music. We all know the commercial success of songs ‘Drink In My Hand,’ ‘Record Year,’ and ‘Springsteen,’ but what makes Church so special is his ability to pack an album full of songs that resonate with fans in the last few tracks, just as he does in the first few tracks. A “deep track” can have many meanings, so join us in counting down the top ten songs that weren’t released by the Chief as radio singles.

10. ‘Longer Gone’

A song found midway through the ‘Carolina’ album, and rarely found in live performances, it will have you hooked right away with it’s catchy opening guitar picking.

9. ‘A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young’

The second track on Church’s fourth studio album, ‘The Outsiders,’ this song is guaranteed to catch even the most masculine man right in the feels.

8. ‘Pledge Allegiance To The Hag’

Found towards the end of Church’s sophmore album, ‘Sinners Like Me,’ this honky tonk anthem pays tribute to Rolling Stone’s #1 Country Singer of All Time, Merle Haggard, with catchy guitar hooks and a chorus that begs the listener to sing along.

7. ‘Mistress Named Music’

The fourth song on his latest full length album, ‘Mr. Misunderstood,’ this song begins with a slow, organic sound, that blossums into a triumphant explosion of guitar solos and a fitting “Church Choir” singing in the background.

6. ‘Livin’ Part of Life’

The final song on the ‘Sinners Like Me’ album, this song finds its way through a record full of hits as one of the albums best, with it’s feel good melody and message.

5. ‘Lotta Boot Left To Fill’

Who knows if this is where Church got his modern day outlaw image, but the second track on his debut album, ‘Carolina,’ delivers a simple messege to his peers about how country music trailblazers would feel about their presence in country music. Still found in most tour setlists today, this song is a sure bet to get a crowd on their feet.

4. ‘Those I’ve Loved’

Another track off of ‘Carolina,’ this song finds its way at the very end of the album, but leaves listeners chalking it up as the albums finest. The ability to connect with every listener has never shined before like it does on this emotional track.

3. ‘Where She Told Me To Go’

Another track found on ‘Carolina,’ this song has the ability to relate to most any listener through its soft sound and haunting chorus lines.

2. ‘Lightning’

Truly the definition of a deep track, this song rarely sees a live setlist, and never saw radio fame, or any attention for that matter, besides that of his hardcore fan base. To diehards and choir members, this song is regarded as one of his best, its deep lyrics penetrating the listeners ears in ways that no other modern songwriter can.

1.’These Boots’

Alright, before you click the close page button, hear us out. This song has become a staple of his live performances over the years, to the point that those lucky enough to score pit tickets, and even those in the rafters all know to start kicking off their boots as soon as they hear those two words that begin the song. This song, hard as it may be to believe, was never released as a single to country radio, a move that would have surely given Church his eighth number one song.