Michael Tyler: ‘317’ Album Review

In Michael Tyler’s debut album, titled ‘317,’ he sets the bar high with eleven jam-packed songs. With modern country beats and pop-country tendencies, Tyler fills the album with playful flirtation and the craving for love, all while staying true to having a good time and reminiscing on the past. One of the things we love move about this record is that Michael co-penned all of the tracks on the record- something he has had pretty good success with in the past. With being a co-writer of the Platinum certified Number One hit, ‘Somewhere On A Beach’ (Dierks Bentley), he brings forth his talent in not only writing, but singing with this album.

1.) ‘Here’s To The Nights’ – Written by Michael Tyler, Jaron Boyer and Adam Shoenfeld.
Impression: In the opening track of the album, Michael Tyler brings a nostalgic song filled with reminiscing, what if’s, and embracing every memory made. A sure fire song that will take to its listeners, Tyler uses soft guitars and powerful drums to connect his audience to his words.
Favorite Lyrics: Here’s to these days that we left behind, memories of a city that’ll never die…  

2.) ‘Crazy Last Night’ – Written by Michael Tyler, Jaron Boyer and Josh Mirenda.
Impression:  ‘Crazy Last Night’ brings a catchy melody accompanied by a person whistling and happy riffs – a song that should definitely be added to your beach playlist. It depicts the all too familiar tale of getting a little too wild the night before and waking up not knowing what happened. Despite not knowing how your night went, thanks to some tequila, it’s all in good fun.
Favorite Lyrics: It’s one shot, three shot, thank patron. Mixed with a little bit of never made it home…

3.) ‘Long Drive Home’ – Written by Michael Tyler, AJ Babcock and Pete Good.
Impression: With a modern country tempo and playfully seductive lyrics, ‘Long Drive Home’ is about to be on repeat during your car ride, or just about anywhere else. With a beautiful shotgun rider in your car, any drive would feel like an eternity getting to the destination where you can finally be alone with them. Filled with tasteful sexual innuendos, Michael Tyler has a hit in the making!
Favorite Lyrics: It’s gonna be a long drive home, til we’re all alone and my hands are all over my body…

4.) ‘They Can’t See’ – Written by Michael Tyler, Jaron Boyer and Brandon Hood.
Impression: Tyler’s voice is pure and crisp in the introduction of this song and the beat is one similar to that of Thomas Rhett. Love is more than just appearance and what your significant other does for you. ‘They Can’t See’ is a song about loving everything about your lover from head to toe and everything in between – all the things that the public can’t see.
Favorite Lyrics: She’s a take my breath, won’t forget, best night of my life, but better…

5.) ‘Love Myself’ – Written by Michael Tyler, Jaron Boyer and Alexander Palmer.
Impression: ‘Love Myself’ is on the pop side of country, with Michael’s voice sounding simple and sweet. With its self explanatory title, the song talks about moving on from a relationship where the person wasn’t treated as great as they should have been. They’re finally learning that they have to move on for themselves, even though the feelings are still there.
Favorite Lyrics: I love myself way too much baby, to put myself through that much crazy…

6.) ‘Songs About Missouri’ – Written by Michael Tyler, Jacob Rice and Jimmy Yeary.
Impression: In the sixth song of the album, Tyler shows some appreciation for the state of Missouri and green eyed beauties – and rightfully so! Throughout the song, Missouri is described by its beauty of the sky, its fields, highways, and girls. Missouri holds a girl that is dear to his heart, and even though it hurts to hear, he wants to hear more songs about the state and everything it embodies.
Favorite Lyrics: If they could’ve seen it through my eyes, there’d be more songs about Missouri, green eyed girls and highway 32…

7.) ‘Hey Mama’ – Written by Michael Tyler, Jaron Boyer and Adam Argyle.
Impression: In a cute song about a boy finding the one, ‘Hey Mama’ is about telling your mom about the girl that’s just right for you. Mama always told you that love will come to you when you least expect it and to never go looking for it. She knows that you’ll have flings and “for nows,” but she knows the right one is out there for you.
Favorite Lyrics: Hey Mama, remember when you said I’d know it when I know it? And remember when you said I’d find it without looking…  

8.) ‘Secret’ – Written by Michael Tyler, Phil Barton, Preston Brust and Lindsay Rimes.
Impression: In a fun song to rock out to, ‘Secret’ is about having a fling with someone. It’s all about having fun, going for the chase, and of course, having a little mystery. It may feel wrong, but at the same time, it couldn’t feel anymore right.
Favorite Lyrics: These lips are sealed, its okay. Be my Marilyn, I’ll be your JFK…

9.) ‘Good at Being Young’ – Written by Michael Tyler, Jaron Boyer, and Josh Mirenda.
Impression: With many similarities to Jake Owen’s ‘Beachin,’ Tyler takes to a talking intro with beachy guitar riffs. It embodies nostalgia and reminiscing on being young. Things are so carefree and easy when you’re young, and it’s hard to not be good at it.
Favorite Lyrics: Played spin the bottle til she had to kiss me, and I fell in love…

10.) ‘Play That Party Song’ – Written by Michael Tyler, Jessi Alexander and Gordie Sampson.
Impression: To kick the tempo up a notch more, Tyler brings a party song – quite literally. Every party needs a good song to play and jam out to, and ‘Party Song’ is just right! It’s super fun and light, with pop country tendencies. This is a definite add to your party playlist.
Favorite Lyrics: I need something to get my drink on to, somethin’ to make me make my move, somethin’ to keep us goin’ all night long…

11.) ‘Interstate’ – Written by Michael Tyler, Jaron Boyer and Nathan Chapman.
Impression: To close out the album, Michael Tyler went with a slower tempoed song. An interstate is just an interstate, and people don’t think much about them. However, others grow up on those exit signs – first kisses, first jobs, family ties, and so much more. And once their homegrown fields are torn away by the concrete and gravel, their lives flash before their eyes. Everything they’ve ever known and loved is now gone and replaced by a highway.
Favorite Lyrics: Everything that my Grandpa was, was in his farm. If he could see it now, it’d break his heart…

Be sure to add this killer album to your library and update your playlists with some new Michael Tyler music! The album ‘317’ is out now! Get it on iTunes here.

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